Personal Statement

Me headlining a rally at the Pennsylvania State Capitol. March 2019.

This site is an invaluable resource for father's of all walks of life to engage, interact and share knowledge and promote a father's willingness and desire to be a positive and essential piece of their child's life.

The site is currently under construction and we will be making many changes moving forward. I am welcoming the challenges we face as men, father's and human beings. Lately it seems as though father's get a bad rap, underserved as it may be. In many situations we're cast aside, forgotten or disregarded out right. 

I'm here to do my part and offer any assistance I can to father's everywhere. Father's who WANT and DESERVE to be involved with the pride, joy and satisfaction of raising children. YOUR Children!!!! I support all father's that have been denied the opportunity. 

In closing, to all my fellow father's who are experiencing a tough situation, with similar struggles and a seemingly daunting task ahead. Please take comfort knowing we're in this together. 

Chad Ginter - President 

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